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Only In Montreal (NEW surprise me mr. davis content!!)


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so here's a post that i lifted from sliplive.. which was originally lifted from frogville planet records.. which was originally posted there by Nathan Moore...

Percy Boyd posted this over at frogville's Thought Swap Parlor, but thought everyone here would be just as excited about this as I am:

1 Everything Must Go

2 Summer of My Fall

3 Poor Boy

4 Tin Can Coffee Cup

5 How Stupid I Am

6 Rubber Ball

7 Fat King of Gods

8 I Hate Love

9 One of Us Standing

10 Last One Ever

That's how it sits at the moment, we recorded and mixed all ten in five days and our plan is to go straight to record. The records will have never entered the digital realm. Juicy. The guy, Jace, who recorded us was a godsend and my experience with Frogville paved the way for the analog vision. The plan had been to go to Protools all along. It was a great moment when we decided to stick with analog to the end, and it led to all the beautiful gathering around mics on the last track that you would expect. It was the brilliant way to go. Frogville teaches me well.

We're calling it "Only in Montreal."

By now, I've recovered from the session, there was alot of Jameson and beer drinking going on, alot of smoking and short sleeps. But today, I feel refreshed, it's a beautiful day here in Montreal. Such a young vibrant city this is. I feel free here, and chillaxed. My fingers are crossed that some songs will start coming to me while I'm here so I can sing them and return here through them. That would be so nice.

much love


im a little surprised we're seeing poorboy again, considering it was on the first smmd record, as well as aliveacoustic... whats the point of 3 official releases of that tune? anyways, this record is going to smoke. it's gonna make fists pump, hearts break, and souls bleed. so glad to see that summer of my fall is on here.. that'll be a stand-out... as will everything from 6 - down. wow, i love the look of this... just wish they found a spot for Red Sky (unless thats the title of "how stupid i am"... i doubt it, but im unfamiliar with that one, and i dont know the official title of 'red sky').. anyways, beggars cant be choosers... man, a new slip record in the bag, a new SMMD record done, fuck if my walls werent brick i'd be bouncin' off 'em!

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chillaxed is the worst word ever.

agreed... and im kinda disappointed that my man nathan used it... he's got so many better words in his repetoire....

Guigs, I've asked you this before but I want to ask again.

What is your recommendation for a kick ass high energy upbeat Slip show and where do I get it.

Don't say Ice Cream Truck!

haha.. ok... no ice cream truck... it's certainly not your most high energy upbeat slip show... umm, lets see, off the top of my head here...



08.16.03 (i think it's more of an upbeat show, but i gave it to someone a long time ago and never got it back, so its been a while since i've heard it)

and most recently, the evening set from the cultural exchange show, 08.07.05, is really kick ass. best intro to the zeroes that i've heard, and it just rocks all the way through.

you can likely find all of those on the slipserver.. except maybe the cultural exchange show... the dude put a post up on one of the slip boards that the server is back up and running, so just do a google search for the slipserver and you'll find it... i'll do some listening and see if i can recommend anything better and send ya a pm if i come across anything super tasty...

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you know, fuck that shit.


the way friedman is opening this wolof, im sayin' fuck yeah to this!

i just checked the slipserver , but it's not on there. if you want it soon, find a slip fan near you to burn it off of. if you want it whenever, send me a pm and i'll get it out to ya. it's just one set.

The Slip


Vassar College - Founder's Day

Poughkeepsie, NY


Source: Soundboard > RCA > DAP1

Conversion: DAP1 > Philips CDR880

Tracking: CD Wav

Taped & Converted by: Jim Crichton

Tracked and Seeded by: Dave Levin

Problems/Questions/Concerns? - Davidlevin@fastmail.fm

Disc 1




3)Honey Melon*

4)Johnny's Tune

5)Nellie Jean

6)Yellow Medicine >

7)Dogs on Bikes


8)Moral Decay

*with 2 djembe players from Guinea

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