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Jamiroquai in T.O.!!!!


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Cool. Jamiroquai live is killer. I saw the at the then Warehouse on thier "Travelling without Moving" tour and I was blown away. The really turn it out live.

I am alittle worried though. I bought thier new album "Dynamite" and I was sooooooooooooooo disappointed. Not really funky or disco at all. More rock than anything else. And not even good rock. Sound like they're trying to be Coldplay or someting. I don't recommend buying it.

I do think thier live show is still worth seeing.

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so now it is official...I will do do certain things for the chance to see Jamiroquai...I repeat....CERTAIN...things...no...

just kidding...sorry Alexis..I really must sit this one out...and all preceding ones..if fact...

I 've pretty much left the scene...even though I just got in it...

Although I am still gonna try to make it to Hamilton for that Jazz Oddysey band in October...

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