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has anyone heard of Carries venue in London? (across from Fanshaw College)


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hey guys...thanks for the input....

I have a group who was offerd a show tonight...

very last min.. have no time to promote

anyway I have no idea if Fanshaw students or anyone for that matter chek out that place for live music... (owner said he has bands there all the time)

I mean would anybody be intrested in a great sounding group in that area, or are there other places around there students/people check out.(besides all the places downtown)

let me know



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With no time for promo, that's probably your best bet. There are usually Fanshawe kids there at any given time. I rarely saw it too quiet in there. However, it's the beginning of the year and there are a bunch of 19 year old livers with OSAP to burn. Perhaps the kids will all be waiting in line at the Phoenix or some shit. Who knows? I'd say take it though. May help get more gigs around town or even at Fanshawe.

Forwell Hall (I think that's what it was called) at Fanshawe was one of the first places I ever saw the New Deal & JSB.

Good luck! :D

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I was at that New Deal show with a bunch of skanks including scottieking and MarcO to name a few..........

Good times.

I only spent one year at Fanshawe. I got a job for the summer after year 1, and stayed on there so I called its quits with college at that point. London was a hell of a good time...........I almost lost my mind just a couple of times.


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jesus christ. carey's. it's a strange coincidence that i read this thread just as im about to make a phone call to someone who i have a great memory of drunken destruction with, as a result of a night at carey's. fuckin' eh!

edit: well, i suppose an afternoon and a night. it was monday, afterall.

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