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Okay, I still don't know... is the Gypsy ready for this show?

i got a message from izzzy at gypsy yesterday.

said there are events on thur and fri, and we can jam it up monday again.

geoff will be away in NB, but we should at least head there on monday and drink, show some keenness towards getting mondays going again, cuz weve all got a pretty sweet thing happening there.


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So if I hop the bus at 10 friday, is there any way I can make it to TO on time (from ottawa)?

Probably not.

Good job to what the thunder said for gracing us ottawains with their presence last weekend.

Also, for all of you lucky enough to make it, it's Mike's (guitar, WTTS) birthday today so treat him nice as he's getting old.

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Chad Paulson:arranger/conductor, guitar, lead vocals

Andrew Scott:bass, vocals

MOFO: baritone guitar

Dean Whales:drums

Alex Thomson:trumpet

Steve Ruttan:trombone

Jason Sillman: alto saxophone

Jay Haye: tenor saxophone

Daniel Schlagbaum: congas percussion

Gorgeous Borges: percussion

Jeremy Ledbetter: steel drum, percussion, keyboard

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Looking forward to our 3rd Toronto show.

Looks like we'll take the stage @ 10pm and then hand it off to Ultra Magnus around 11:45p.

Never been to the Gypsy Co-op ... looking forward to a new experience and a from what I hear a more intimate T.O. venue.

If you're a board kid...please introduce yourself.

I'm a bass player and snappy dancer.

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