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i want more friggin DTB


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  • 1 month later...

ok i could have sworn i received and email from the DTB mailing list about a new album benig done and out next year.

however i can't find anything on the site. did i dream this? did anyone else on the mailing list get notification? am i bonkers?

i hope this is reality and not my head sinking furthur into my shoulders

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If you need a quick fix of fresh Derek Trucks, he plays on Susan Tedeschi's new album.

Susan's no slouch on the geetar either.

Aw, they's may-reed


I've been giving generous listening time to Joyful Noise, and I love it. Maki-Madni and Ka-Ma-Lay were the two that I was most recently digging on, but the whole thing is great, from the title track to Every Good Boy, Lookout 31, the two with Solomon Burke, the one with Susan...good disc. Would love to hear more, myself; would love to SEE them finally. Did you see them in Buffalo a year or two back, djed? Last time I can recall that they were in the area, but I didn't go.

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DTB played the Canal Concert Series in Buffalo back in June, the night prior to the Mule's free show at the Artvoice Festival, and they're playing Buffalo again in January 2006, as follows -

The Derek Trucks Band

Wednesday, January 25, 2006 at 8pm

Center for the Arts

Returning by popular demand!

The Derek Trucks Band blends jazz, rock, blues, soul, Latin, Eastern Indian, and other world music. Slide guitar virtuoso Derek Trucks divides his time between his own group and the Allman Brothers Band. Derek has been ranked by Rolling Stone magazine as one of the "100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time."

Also from the DTB Newsletter FYI -

The DTB has finished a new album!!  The album was recorded in Nashville over

the summer and will be released in early February of next year.  This is

truly a "band" record with no guest musicians except longtime DTB

collaborator Count M'Butu on percussion. The band really pushed the envelope

on this recording and everyone is eager for the fans to give it a listen.

More info soon on pre-sales, release date, etc!!

And tonight they're at -

10/16  Amsterdam, The Netherlands  The Paradiso

Hope that helps...and hope you get to see them soon (if you haven't already) :)

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nah i missed that Buffaloshow. it was free too wasn't it? bollocks.

i checked the message board and theres nothing there.

so i am a dented head guy? this isn't true? maybe Derek just sent it to me personally because i don't know him and therefore i'd be the most likely candidate for priveleged information.

i am whithered air.

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nah i missed that Buffaloshow. it was free too wasn't it? bollocks.

Actually I totally forgot about that free one in the summer, I missed that too like an idiot. I was talking about Buffalo Centre for Performing Arts, and it looks like they're coming back. That's exciting.

And you weren't dreaming about that album. Read MuleMomma's post just above your last one. Thanks for the info, MM!

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