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I got a new job


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sorry...I know these threads waste valuable space...but I am happy...I got a new job...so here is a warning...I am now working in a kitchen at a restaurant in Waterloo..that shall remain nameless...on University Ave

Here is a hint: It is a restaurant named after a street that it is no longer on...they host a a jazz band with the same name...and they serve angus beef...

BEWARE...the garde manger girl...

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yey congrats!!

i was going to hold it in until i was there a week or two, but i got a new job too! yey! I got it yesterday and i start tomorrow. being the new office girl for a rug company that has never used a computer for anything before! yey!! how much fun is it going to be to enter in 5 years worth of inventory? oh well. at least it pays decent and i only have to work 3 or 4 days a week.

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