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Has Anyone Ever Won One of Those Contests....


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You know the ones where they call you up and tell you you've won a prize (trip, car etc) you just have to show up and sit through an information seminar. Has anyone ever gone and sat through the seminar??? What happens once you're there, is there any chance of winning or do you have to do a bunch of shit for them?

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I know people that have done this... You go to the seminar/presentation... Sit through this whole thing, and then they come in and basically try to force you to buy (the timeshare -- That's usually what it is). If you are not easily manipulated, strong-willed, and you won't take shit from anybody, they DO have to give you the prize regardless of whether or not you buy.

VERY high pressure situation... I know people that went with no intention and bought the spiel simply because they felt bullied and felt 'like they didn't even have a chioce.'

Go, don't take any shit, demand your prize, and get out!


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I've known people to have the experience Steve mentioned, but I've also known people who went to the seminar, didn't buy, and freely left; no pressure.

In any event, they do have to give you the prize if you show up (basic contract law) and as long as you don't write them a cheque for a timeshare or something ... no problem.

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ahh gees...embarressed to admit it but I think it was a few years ago or sumthin'...got the call about winning a trip to costa rica I think...yup went down, sat through a lonnnng seminar, time share stuff...and not untill I had sat through it all could I take my chance at pulling out the winning ticket from a lottery like box....so lame.

Though spose I 'd be singing a different tune had I wound up in Costa Rica.

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Go drunk. Very drunk. Trust me.

oh if i had only had this advice at the time.

we got the 1st call asking us to take a survey about our travel habits...the surveyor was obviously having trouble reading from the script, and once she told me that she wasn't paid unless the survey was completed, i went along.

the next call came 2 weeks later telling us we had won one of several trips or a big screen tv, would we come for dinner and an information seminar to claim our prize?

the suckers we are, we went.

total timeshare. in fact, worse...their schtick was that you could buy "points" (a $15 000 membership) and travel at five star resorts for the price of the holiday inn. they gave us to a guy after dinner who tried to sell us on this thing. we refused. another greezier guy came over and tried a smaller package slightly cheaper. still we refused. meantime salespeople were running to the front of the room ringing the big bell and announcing that mr and mrs x just signed up and will be going to (insert fabulous destination here). when they finally ran out of greezy sales guys to sic on us, we were led into an anteroom and told to choose a prize from the bin...4 nights in orlando florida (accommodation only) which we never claimed as once we worked out all the blackout peroids there were 10 days in august when it was actually valid.


it was good for a laugh, and a valuable lesson about telemarketers :)

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