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Question about returning stuff . Any advice?


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ok here's the deal. my gf and i just bought a brand new bed from a furniture store last week.

it will be delivered late next week cuz it had to be put on order. we also bought the frame and something else which we don't have yet, they'll deliver those items when the bed shows up.

today i open the newspaper and the same store, same bed (make/model/size etc) same price is on the flyer but this weekend they have a deal where you buy the same bed we bought you get a FREE 27 " TV!!!!

so here's the question...do i just force the issue, bring in the receipt and demand a tv or does she "return" the stuff we bought (on her CC) and i buy the crap on my CC and get a TV?


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Call them. If they have *any* customer-service savvy at all, they'll give you the deal. Actually, they should have whispered a little something in your ear to hold off for a week and wait for the TV deal.

If you get any static, cancel the order, and re-purchase it so you get the TV set.

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Yep. Good advice so far. Most retail stores nowadays have a policy that if something you buy goes on sale within x days (usually 10) you can bring your receipt back to the store to get the deal as well... I'm sure that if it's any type of reputable establishment, they will get you your TV, without a bunch of hassle...

Let us know how it works out...


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If you have any hassles, get Calamity Jane on the case. She's the QUEEN of returns. ;)

Chewie..if I was anywhere near your neck of the woods, I'd gladly take this on for ya (I LOVE that kinda thing, and I DO get my way!!!) but I really doubt they'll give you a hassle. Post an update though!

on a related note, we're having a hell of a time getting our *&%^$#!!#$ phone line connected by Bell. We've been waiting over 10 days. I'm SO PISSED OFF, but there's really no one single person to yell at. The problem with such a huge and diffuse organization is that you never talk to the same fukker twice and each 'customer service rep' assures us (after a friggen 15 minute wait in their 'priority sequence phone queue') that it'll all be taken care of. And don't get me started on that goddamn voice-recgnition system called "EMILY". F*CK, how do you strangle a virtual biatch?????

anyone out there work for Bell who can throw the flippen switch for us, already????

we haven't been so 'unwired' in a long time...oh well, at least we're getting to know our little local library!

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Calamity Jane:

I feel your pain.

Telus (in BC) is even worse.

I tried getting a landline a while back. After my third call to Telus during which I had to wait over 45 minutes to speak with someone (3 calls x ~47 minutes = ~2.3 hours!) to find out when I'd have phone service and what my phone number would be, I decided I didn't have the time to own a landline. When they finally answered on that third call, I told them to just forget it.

Now Lassie and I only have cells and cable-internet access.

The most annoying part, though, is that Telus still has me listed online with them at the number they were supposed to give me, so whenever people look me up they are told my number is not in service. }:|

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that goddamn voice-recgnition system called "EMILY". F*CK' date=' how do you strangle a virtual biatch?????[/quote']

I don't know. But as soon as I figure it out, I'll be doing that dirty work for ya, Deb. "Emily" makes me want to throw things. :(

I had a bad experience with "Emily" the last time I called Rogers Cable. I ended up yelling at "her". I hope they don't record that stuff. ;)

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