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Japan's ZOOBOMBS return!!! - Hamilton (Underground)


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Wed Sept 21

@ Underground

downtown Hamilton


8PM :: Tix $10

with IAN MOORE (Yep Roc Records opening, off-date on his tour opening for PAUL WELLER)


The ZOOBOMBS were formed in 1994 by DON Matsuo(vocal,guitar and conduct) with bass player Moostop,keybord girl Matta and later new members had joined asian/african/latin percussion player Piro and drummer Pocky.

Their music is so unique and difficult to express.

And their music was influenced by the Rolling Stones,Miles Davis and many percussive music from all over the world.

It can say "Rock'n'Roll","Jazz","Trance"...any name you want. They never make a song list before the show. Just begin to play and make new songs were born naturally. So you can always see "BRANDNEW ZOOBOMBS". They can change any happenings to the music and they like it.

It causes all audience to be crazy.


WEB: http://www.five-d.co.jp/zoobombs/menu_e.html


"The Zoobombs, a manic, retro garage band most closely resembling the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, needn't worry about blending into the background. Welcome Back, Zoobombs!, a stateside debut culled mainly from two previous Japanese releases, features Who-style maximum R&B, bluesy freak-outs, hard electrofunk, organ-riff rocking, and bleary-eyed psychedelia. Hip-hop elements keep the band grounded in the present, but mostly the Zoobombs make good, old-fashioned rock 'n' roll. Though short on originality, Welcome Back occasionally transcends mere homage and enters the realm of inspiration. And that makes sense in any language." (City Pages, Minneapolis)

"Turn on a radio in Japan, and you're likely to be drenched in the sticky, syrupy goo known as Japanese popular music. Acts such as Glay or Namie Amuro are the sugary disease and the insulin comes from the mighty, mutant, hybrid garage-rock band known as Zoobombs! Our wretched, kindergarten-level attempts to speak in Japanese inspired vocalist Don Matsuo to try out his ever-increasing English vocabulary. Although these quotations have been tweaked for tense and verb agreement, Matsuo proved eloquent in speaking about music, vibe, and rock 'n' roll soul." (Chart Attack.com)

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