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Rookie sleepers

Dave Eh

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Here's an article on Ryan Getzlaf of the Ducks:

"Ducks rookies win Pacific tournament

The Orange County Register

The Mighty Ducks of Anaheim rookies beat the Kings rookies Sunday, 4-3, in the championship game of the 2005 Pacific Division Shootout in San Jose.

It was the second consecutive tournament championship for the Ducks.

The Ducks had the highest three scorers in the tournament. Ryan Getzlaf, Dustin Penner and Corey Perry were the top three scorers, with Curtis Glencross tying for fourth.

The Ducks posted four victories in a row, beating the Kings, San Jose and Phoenix in round-robin play.

Anaheim was led by Getzlaf, who led all players with nine points in three games.

Getzlaf was named the tournament's MVP."

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Well, Getzlaf and Perry were stand-outs for the Canadian junior team - they still have to make the Ducks.

This year's rookie crop is intriguing, made all the stonger by the year lay-off. I don't know who will be the best rookie this year, but Crosby is in the best situation, followed closely by Mike Richards and Jeff Carter in Philly, who are both expected to make the Flyers, and contribute.

I love that Phaneuf kid in Calgary.

Ovechkin has all the tools... but that team is a disaster.

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the hockey news is listing Getzlaf as the Ducks # 2 centre, which would mean a ton of ice time and have sloted Perry as the # 4 right winger...

I'm not to sure about how crosby will do point wise but he'll get a shit load of oportunities.

I think that Jeff Carter will be the biggest surprise playing with Forsberg and Gangne.

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Keep in mind that the Hockey News listing is a depth chart, they have no idea what a team's line combinations might look like.

Look no further than last season's AHL leaders for rookies that migh make the jump. Jaimoe nailed it - Carter, Richards and Patrick Sharp had huge playoffs for the Philly Phantoms. Mike Cammalleri, Denis Hamel, Eric Staal, Chuck Kobasew (I guess he was a rookie last season though) should all make the jump and be contributors.

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"In fact, I've never had a Clarett draft conversation with you in the first place."

I cant believe I missed that line. This proves any suspicion I may have had about you. I wont publicly post my thoughts, but call DaveyBoy up. I am going there for supper and will inform him that I've been correct all along.

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"I may say alot of things, but I've never had a Clarette conversation."

You read something in the paper about him at college, saw that he got drafted and thought it was cool and spouted off like normal.

Believe me, I tore you apart when you said it and sent you a 'reminder' email a couple of weeks ago when he got cut. You must remember that at the very least.

Maybe it's time you went and got that ADD professionally diagnosed.

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