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Calling all hand drummers (and wanna be's)


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I just got an email from the wonderful Leo Brooks, the guy who taught the Introduction to Hand Drumming lessons at the Folklore Center that I took. If anyone's interested, he's got a lot going on this fall. His email follows:

[color:blue]This is what is happening in Ottawa’s drumming world

1. Drumming classes at the OFC with Leo

2. Drum and Dance with Leo and Shara at the School of Dance

3. Baobab drum and dance classes

4. Drumming with Dr. Lee

5. Dance with the Sufi Girl

6. Drop-In drum circles with Nancy and Corinne

7. Fundraising Concert for West Africans in Almonte

1. Drumming classes at the OFC with Leo

Here are the details for my beginners and intermediate classes at the Ottawa Folklore Centre (OFC Music)

An Introduction to Hand Drumming

Think of this class as a buffet class of hand drumming- a little taste of many different styles from Africa, South America, and the Caribbean. The first two classes cover the essentials of tone production and rhythmic structure. The ensuing weeks are dedicated to learning traditional rhythms such as Bomba, Kpanlogo, Kuku, Tumbao and more. There are two sessions of the class, one on Thursday one on Friday.

Thursdays, 6:30 - 7:45 pm, from September 29 to December 1.

– OR –

Fridays, 6:30 - 7:45 pm, from September 30 to December 2.

Cost: $150 for 10 weeks

Intermediate Hand Drumming Group

For the graduate of the intro class who would like to continue to learn and work on material with a dynamic group of folks at an intermediate level. Some new concepts that are covered will be: more complex rhythmic structures such as 6/8 time and swing. Rhythms to be studied are chosen based on request, and the skill level of the group. This class is ongoing and will take new members as space allows. Please call Leo directly if you are interested.

Date: From September 29 to December 1.

When: Thursdays, 8:00 to 9:15 pm

Cost : $150 per 10 week session.

For more information, contact Leo at (819) 682-8827 or leo@treefrogpercussion.ca

To register, you can visit OFC Music at 1111 Bank St., or call 730-2887 and register by phone with a credit card.

2. Drum and Dance with Leo and Shara at the School of Dance

Shara and Leo will once again be offering a 10 week session of drumming and dancing studying Wassalunke, a popular rhythm from the Sikasso region of southern Mali. We will also take some time in warm up to learn and review other rhythms and steps that have been taught in past sessions, including Djansa, Wolosodon, Madan, and Sandia.

The 10 week class will be Wednesdays from 7:30 to 9:00 at the School of Dance, located at 200 Crichton Street. Start date is OCTOBER 12.


$175 + GST. We need a minimum of 10 participants to make this class happen at this price, so get your friends together and join us for the fun.

A Great way to exercise – no drum or dance experience necessary.

Call Leo for more information at 682-8827 or call the School of Dance directly to register – 238-7838.

3. Baobab drum and dance classes

Baobab Tree Drum Dance Community

...where local energy meets global spirit


Drumming & Dancing:

? reduces stress

? enhances wellbeing

? improves coordination & mental flexibility

? builds community & connects souls

Join Us!

End of summer greetings to all! Our classes will begin mid-September for adults and kids. Styles presented will be from Ghana and Guinea. See below to register and for instructor info! Our performance season is also underway. For current details on upcoming concerts and events please visit our website www.baobabtree.org. We look forward to seeing you soon! Please let us know if you wish to be removed from this email list.

African Drum & Dance CLASS SCHEDULE 05-06


Mondays 6-7pm

six week sessions

beginner level starts Sept 19, Jan 16, May 8

advanced level starts Nov 7, Mar 20

cost $72 per session


Tuesdays 6-7pm

six week sessions

starts Sept 20, Nov 8, Mar 21

cost $72 per session


Auditioned performance group

Mondays 7:15-9:15

starts Sept 19


ROOTS classes Tuesdays 5-6pm

African drumming, chant & movement

8 week sessions

starts Sept 20, Jan 17, Mar 21

cost $96 per session



auditioned performance group

Wednesdays 4:30-6pm

starts Sept 21

All classes at Fisher Park Community Centre, 250 Holland Ave.

call 725-6994 or email info@baobabtree.org to register. Leave your name and phone number


Baobab Tree is excited to have guest teachers “Dr. Lee†Garbutt and the “Sufi Girl†Lainie Towell for the Nov 7 Adult Advanced Drumming & November 8 Adult dance series. Experience the excitement of Guinea Conakry West Africa with these two dynamic performers. Lainie Towell is an independent choreographer, performer, dance teacher and dance administrator based in Ottawa. Lee Garbutt is well known in Ottawa for his djembe playing and teaching. Both have studied in Guinea.

Gaelen Hart will be guest teaching some of the kids ROOTS classes. Gaelen is a teacher with the OCDSB and is a performing member of Akpokli. She will travel with the Baobab Youth Performers to Ghana in 2006

All other classes will be taught by Baobab Tree’s Artistic Director Kathy Armstrong, who has shared her passion for Ghanaian music and dance with diverse groups of people throughout North America and Europe for more than 20 years. Trained as a percussionist and educator at the University of Toronto, as well as in Ghana, her commitment to community development and cross-cultural understanding informs and strengthens the inherent power of this art form.

As well, two of our favorite performers and teachers from Montreal, Ghanaians Prosper Adjetey & Dominic Donkor formerly of the Ghana National Dance Company will be giving a public workshop on April 29. Details to come.

4. Drumming with Dr. Lee


Sun Sept 18 05- Sun Dec 11 05

Arts Court, 2 Daly Ave

2nd floor studio b

Beginner djembe class 1:00-2:00pm $175 "Lee do you think an athlete thinks about all the laps he/she must run while running? No they do not, they think about each step." My djembe teacher: Aboubacar Fatouabou Camara

Knowing and playing the sounds or tones of the djembe is one of the most important skills you need for this instrument. This session will be specifically for learning the djembe sounds through various exercises.

In this 12-week session you will learn. -Hand positions -Body posture -Holding the djembe correctly. -Rhythm: Yankadi -Origin: Guinea -Ethnic group: Soussou

Intermediate djembe class 2:00-3:30pm $200

This session is for drummers who have at least 2-3 years of playing experience.

In this 12-week session you will learn. -All the djembe/dunun parts for Triba. -To start and end the rhythm. -Be encouraged to create your own solo. -Rhythm: Triba -Origin: Guinea -Ethnic group: Landuma

To register contact dr.lee

email: djembe_drummer@hotmail.com

cell: 263-0712


5. Dance with the Sufi Girl

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