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Computer help secondtube AGAIN

jay sanislo

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ok i forgot to mention to you when i was over the other day that my burner is not working since i changed to XP. I installed my easy creator and re installed and reinstalled again but an error shows up saying cant initialize engine. This is starting to get on my nerves I havent burnt a good show since Christmas.

Do you know what the problem could be?

If anyone else is reading this feel free to help me get my burner going once again [Frown]

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You may need different software, or some kind of driver file for Easy Cd Creator.

Go to http://www.roxio.com/ and have a look.

Also, in CD Creator, there is a button at the top that say Tools?

Click on it and go to System Tests and try playing in there. I am not sure if I have given you the right path to get in there, but it may help.

Try looking here for help as well:


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First off, make sure the drive is recognized go to start > Settings > Control Panel. Go to the System > device manager. see if you drive is there.

You might need to reinstall driver(s).

If you're burning audio, download EAC and use that. Its so simple. you don't need any bells and whistles to burn so just try that out. In EAC, go to Tools > Write CD . in the next window go Layout > append tracks (index 1) > CDR > Write CD > Make it so!! away you go...

what error message are you getting? are you able to read cds? can you write at all?

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I had virtually the exact same problem that you are having when I converted to XP. I'm not sure what kind of burner you're using - but mine was a relatively old HP (CD-Writer Plus 8200 Series).

The people at HP said that it was because the old burner wasn't compatible with XP and I needed to get a new driver from them. As a result I had to get them to ship me a new driver - yeah its free but $15 US shipping!!!

Finally I got the dirty disc and loaded it up and it didn't have any drivers on it! Just a bunch of Software, boy was I pissed! Anyways - I ended up installing a program called Feurio, which is freeware and has worked really well since I started using it. I would definately reccomend it highly and I also reccomend a boycot of HP - idiots!


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