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Stephen Franke & NFTT: Oct 6,7,8 in Alberta


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Though perhaps I should be using the west forum, here's our upcoming dates in Alberta, because I know the Albertans post here mucho often...

Thursday October 6th: Calgary, Mount Royal College (whatever the hell the bar is called)

Friday October 7th: Canmore : The Canmore Hotel

Saturday October 8th: Edmonton: The Sidetrack Cafe

If you know anyone who'll be interested in coming down, please send them these dates.

That's how we rock it in the V-dot.

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It's not the music award ceremony, but a showcase slot.

At these conferences, they have a whole bunch of selected bands play, probably 4-5 venues, and 4-5 bands per venue.

We were supposed to play the Media Club Saturday night instead, but we had them change it because we're playing our first ever bar show in the states! Seattle on october 22 at the Rainbow.

If you want to come, email me, and we'll hook up and sneak you in (rather than paying; we're not allowed a guest list on this night)

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ah...makes more sense now. i couldn't really picture them having an award show in that bar... silly me.

well i am definitely more inclined to go now that i know it won't be the award show happening all night! :)

thanks for the sneak-in offer!

i am not 100% sure if i'll make it though, so i may just show up, i'm sure it won't be too expensive. if i know in advance, i'll email you though. thanks! looking forward to it.


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