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Corb Lund?


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I am real real tempted to check out their show at the Ebar in Guelph tomorrow (Tues.). I'm digging a lot more so-called New Country these days, at least more inside than Cuff The Duke and The Sadies. I like a few of his tunes and would love to see him live.

Don't forget the Guelph local band The Nathan Coles Outfit who's putting out a similar new country (way to reclaim that word) vibe.

Impassioned vocals, solid rhythm section and one of the most unique guitar players around. I LOVE THIS BAND.

Saw them at the EBar last week....great stuff.

check it out.


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hi all,

i am a lurker on this site, but i had to jump in here to say PLEASE do not miss a corb lund show...if you're even slightly considering going, just do it. i've brought so many friends to various vancouver dates over the past few years ALL of whom have become life long fans. Corb is our generation's Canadian Johnny Cash or Willie Nelson - he's truly a genius!

and if you can and want to, get your drinking pants and dancing boots on because you'll need 'em.

after squishing into tiny bars for my first experiences with the CLB, it was an absolutley amazing experience to gaze out at a sold-out commodore ballroom dance floor a few weeks back with the entire crowd "givin 'er" HUGE! please trust me, i promise you wont be sorry. and if you're sorry, well i'll just wait another 2 years to post anything on here... ;)

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