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Capital I

Freak By Night

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Anyone know the guitar chords to this little Sesame Street ditty? My googling has been unsuccessful.

We all live in a capital I

In the middle of the desert

In the center of the sky.

All day long we polish up the I

To make it clean and shiny

So it brightens up the sky.

Rubbing it here

And scrubbing it there.

Polishing the I

So high in the air.

And as we work we sing a lively tune

"It is great to be so happy on a busy afternoon."

And when we're through with the day's only chore,

We go into the I

And we close the door.

Capital I, capital I, capital I, capital I.

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Is'nt it the same tune as yellow Submarine or am I remembering something else?

In any case you just inspired me to order this for Baby Barretts first christmas gift.


Letter B

Off To School

It's Zydeco

Wet or Dry

I Want To Hold Your Ear

Grouch Girls Don't Want to Have Fun

The Word Is No

Healthy Food

A Little Yelp From My Friends

Rebel L

There's A Lot Of Different Ways To Get To School

Hand Talk

ZZ Blues

I'm The Big One Now


I'm A Bookworm, Baby!

Wet Paint

Once Is Not Enough

It's Just Like a Rock (But I Like It Fine)

Hey Food

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this song in particular suits my pregnant mood perfectly

Voiceover: And now, here to sing and eat for you are those four fabulous bugs, The Beetles, and Cookie Monster!

Cookie: Hey food me in the mood

For fish, meat or cheese called cheddar

Me eat them all before me am done

'Cause not know which one

That me like better

Beetles: Hey food when we feel bad

We chew on a piece of bread or

Some veggies or a raspberry tart

And then we start to feel much better

So eat it up and drink it down

Hey food we've found

That you are so healthful and nutritious

By the ounce or by the pound

Glad you're around

Cookie: 'Cause me so hungry

And you delicious!

All: Yum yum yum yum, yum yum yum yum!

Beetles: Hey food can't put you down

If you're dry toast or something wetter

Whenever we take you off of a plate

We feel so great

Cookie: And me feel better, better, better, better

All: Better, better, better, oooooooo!

background "yeah"s and "better"s as Cookie Monster starts eating everything in sight

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No it's definitely not the same tune as Yellow Submarine. I remember seeing the capital I cartoon on Sesame street when I was a young one, and I thought the accompanying song was the coolest in the world. I know for sure the music is totally different from Yellow Submarine.

PS. I didn't know you were expecting! Congratulations.

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It wouldn't be easy but I could probably come up with a copy of this. A friend of mine made a mixed VCR tape of just all bizarre snippets of stuff he came across on TV. We'd watch it when we were in the 'mood' for some weirdness. Capital I was one of our favourites and we've been singing it ever since. Positively brilliant programming.

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