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QOTD 10-05-05


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Okay so the last couple days have required some soul searching and exploring surpressed memories. I'll go easy on you all today.

Have you ever been told you look like a celebrity? If so which one and do you think you do?

I get Helen Hunt and Uma Thurman. (Or I did when I was blond anyway).

I can sort of see why people would say that (I think it's my nose) but I'm not 100% convinced that I do.



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Someone at work or somewhere else recently told me I look like Jamie Kennedy. I don't AT ALL. The odd thing is, they had no idea my last name was Kenendy. Very peculiar.

Intresting unrelated story:

In NYC, the night the of the Stones in TO, there was this guy playing himself off as Mick Jagger. I guess he spent 15 minutes in the girls washroom with 3 super hotties... :o

Here he is:


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Freak By Night... I am laughing at the Yashin one!

I used to get the Yashin comparison quite a bit when he played for the Senators. I hated it.

The Ashton Kutcher comparison is more recent, and kind of annoying. A friend's teenage daughter said to me "you look like you could be Ashton Kutcher's dad - or maybe his older brother". Gee, thanks! The first time I met Low Roller at Bouche & Ms. Hux's place, he said that I had kind of an Ashton Kutcher thing going on. So the next day I got a haircut.

The Scott Murkawski comparison was kind of funny and almost worked to my advantage. I went to some Phish shows in Worcester back in '98. On the Saturday afternoon I was sitting in a bar having a few beers and two very pretty girls came up and started talking to me. They were quite enthralled, hanging on my every word. I thought I was in for a interesting evening! After about 10 minutes of conversation they asked if they could have passes for my show that night. I asked what they were talking about, and it became evident that I wasn't who they thought I was. They told me about Max Creeek playing that night, and they thought I was in the band. I had never even heard of Max Creek.

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