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Selling PAUL McCARTNEY tickets or ticket to Auburn Hills Sat Show


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I need to unload either both tickets I have to the Paul McCarntey Saturday October 15, 2005 at the Palace of Auburn Hills or just one so I have someone to go with.

My girlfriend and I just recently parted ways and I was to take her to her first McCartney show, that's not going to happen now.

So since I am already seeing McCartney in Toronto on October 10th I am either trying to unload both tickets or at least one so I have somebody to go with.

Here is the ticket information.



SAT OCT 15, 2005 8:00PM

SEC 227 ROW 19 SEATS 1 AND 2


So if someone wants to come with me divide the $210.90 in half and do the exchange rate between USF and CDF and that's the ticket price.

As I already posted earlier I also have an extra ticket for Jon Stewart for Friday October 7 at Massey Hall if anyone is interested about either or all PM me or email me.


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Yes I would sell both or a single as well if it is nearing the event and no one has taken the pair.

Here's my email tim_batke@hotmail.com and you can give him the details.

Thanks a lot, I would love to go to both shows (and might if I can't sell both) but money's a little bit tight after I decided to fly to NYC and see Cream the weekend after.


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