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Grand Theft Bus (Nov 9th) Peterborough **(updated for adv. tix pls. read)**


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Yeeeeeehaw we're going back to Peterborough.

The drums and Tuba show at Montreal House was a blast I can only assume we're in for the same kind of fun given the excitement provided by the Unionist Ministers and their fans!!!!

Ohhhh yeah and there's this band called Grand Theft Bus [color:purple]I think I've heard of them.

Looking forward to it.


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Dude it looks like te other band may have bailed att his point...we like to play Peterborough because it seems that they are getting skipped when it comes to bands of our ilk.

If you can put the word out and tell her what you thought when you saw us in Toronto and possibly point her to www.whatthethundersaid.ca that'd be awesome.

Me Likey help from friends!


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I'll actually be running two show this night

Kiss Me Deadly (Alien 8) with Nadja (Alien 8) & Spitfires And Mayflowers will be playing a show in the basement at the underdog if anybody is interested.

this show is also 19+ and adv. tix are 5 bux at ticketweb.com or 8 bux at the door.


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Mabey I saw the venue when I lived there...um...oh about 15 years ago...if so my memory has sifted it out.

For what its worth my buds in the patch were glad to hear about the venue switch...though before the switch they hadn't voiced any complaints...?

Driving home from work today I was hoping to get hit by a truck...but then I remembered I'll be getting hit by the Bus soon enough...much better though perhaps a bit messier. :P:)

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