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Good Vibes Needed for Calamity Jane


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Just got off the phone with her - again, she's alright for now, but the neck pain is starting to kick in - and she's asking that the vibes be shifted to guilty-conscience-you-bastard vibes (my paraphrase). What had brought it all about was some jackass coming straight at her in her lane - let's presume he was drunk and/or just stupid - so while she was able to swerve and avoid the full head-on, buddy behind her wasn't quite up to the moment, and the idiot in the wrong lane just kept on going, *CRASH* sound behind him notwithstanding.

So yeah, guilty-conscience-you-bastard vibes (on top of get-better vibes), that this doofus owns this and does the right thing.

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Thanks for the vibes, guys….

Sharon, you are helping, (though an in-person hug would do wonders right now) as I’m drinking a delicious red you kindly supplied from the WineExchange, though in a most unrefined manner, I must say! Why don’t our brains come with an “instantly obliterate this memory†button…? Instead I have to pound back 4 glasses to get there.

Seriously the only thing that kept me on the road driving home, rather than pulling over a weepy mess, was the need to feel Dave and the girls’ warm bodies against mine.

I THOUGHT I WAS A GONER TONIGHT!!!!! (Where’s that ‘almost ever died thread’ I wasn’t able to post on?“ Hey, Mr. Slippery, remember this line: “THAT’S CALLED IRONY!!â€)

Anyway, I could barely drive home (on the Airport Parkway), for the continual jolts of “Fuck, is that guy in my lane? Is he in my lane?†My foot hovered over the brake pedal for the entire 30 minute drive home…but like they say, back on the horse that bucked ya, right?

And while my neck is friggen killing me, I’m still not done counting my lucky stars. The fukker barrelling down on me in the wrong lane could only have been wasted. Would the fukker have stopped if he’d hit me? And the only reason he didn’t hit me, was my swerving, not his! In the cruiser, while still shaking, I had the ability (coping mechanism?) to joke with the cop that it was 10 years of ‘video game’ driving in TO – with streetcars, buses, taxis, and unpredictable bike couriers, roller-bladers and pedesterians that gave me the reflexes to swerve so quickly…but (and this freaks me out), no time to look beside me…thank god that space was empty…but the guy behind who also swerved was obviously going too fast and totally rammed into me. It was so discombobulating, because my glasses went flying, it was dark and I couldn’t find them or tell where I was and I was panicking that we would be hit by the vehicles still behind us, and I was worried about people being hurt… Ok, now I’m rambling.

Oh well, I know you’ll forgive me.

And anyway, just to show y’all that really I am okay…..while in the Jacuzzi, recovering, I made the most interesting discovery: While turned sideways to get a strong jet on my neck/upper spine, the corresponding jet was doing delightful things to my twunt!!!! :shocked: :o :blush:

Peace out, y’all … I love yas and am so glad to be around for another day!!!!!

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My new favorite word... twunt!

Take it VERY easy Deb. Usually neck and back injuries don't show themsleves until a day or two after the injury causing event. I fear if you're hurting tonight it's only the beginning of your pain (not that I wish it, but this is my experience). Please don't hesitate to seek medical help if necessary. Insurance companies are very helpful with helping you recover, but don't wait.

Can't wait to wrap my arms around you.

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Fuck Deb, I feel for ya Sister! Flashbacks of the pedestrian accidnet that Trevor and I witnessed last week can't help but enter my mind. Thank the fucking powers that be, that you were both alert and skilled enough a driver to pull the evasive manouevers that you did, and that luck (providence) would have it that the other lane wasn't occupied by an oncoming transport trailor or something. I LOVE you so much! Thanks for making it home. And thanks for the jaccuzi tip ;)



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