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whats your fave BSS related group?


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ok everybody knows that broken social scrotum is made up of members of various groups who played together in other bands and this and that making a huge mess of a family tree. well which of those bands is your fave?

my top 3 in no order would be...

do make say think

kc accidental

valley of the giants

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i really like jason collett. metric and stars are very very close seconds.

has anyone drawn up a family tree? that would be interesting.

Do Make... would be up there on my list but I'm not sure of the connections... care to fill me in djed?


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I saw jason collett open for feist last night in calgary. He played a lot of stuff from his new album which sounded great. andrew whiteman played back up guitar for the show. feist came out for a duet on one of the tunes and even hit up the drums.

It was her homecoming show and Cjsw's 50th anniversary show so it was pretty packed. Feist has got the voice of black angel. so soulful and sweet. She had great energy for the show in front of her mom and grandma who will be providing the thanksgiving turkey for all the boys. colletts band joined her for a couple of tunes including a tune straight out of the 40's. 5 foot 2 blue eyed girl or something.

anyways i'd have to go with apostle or collet's band as my fav's but looking forward to the bss show coming in november.

feist is gonna be in toronto for two nights next week which apparantly is selling fast according to jason. i'm gonna be in town and will try to make the tuesday show if there is a pre party goin on let me know.

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I'd have to say Do Make or Metric although I was really impressed with Collett's backing group (they play seperately only in Ontario as Pasomino - great great band, cool Rhodes sound, drum, guitar, bass).

The Do Make BSS connection is Charles Spearin who was also KC Accidental with Kevin Drew. Kevin and Brendan Canning (formerly By Divine Right with Feist) are the co-founders of BSS but Charles throws around a lot of weight. That said I've noticed over time that so do Collett, Peroff, Whiteman and Feist which is to say the whole fugging band.

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