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The BLUEBUDZZ ( cautionjam/bnb side project) Playing Oct.14,15,16!!


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Hi there,, just trying to spread the word about my blues/rock/jam project thats been on the go for a few years now.. The line up is pretty consistant these daze and we play tons of cool familiar classics and generally have a blast. Come on out and say hi if your schedule permits it.

Mark>>guitar and vocals,, Les>>Bass,, Jon>>drumzz all from Cjam

and Jeff from BNB on keys

Dickens Pub in Burlington 10/14

Roosters in Barrie 10/15

King Henerys Arms in Aurora 10/16 4-8pm

to get on our email list write bluebudzz@aol.com

Later Daze,,MC

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I'm thinking I'll probably make it out. I'm going to spend some quality time with my sweetheart but I have a funny feeling she'll be sleeping by 11:30pm and I'll be looking for some live music. Say hello if you see me. I'm the freaky long blonde/grey haired dude (like a poodle as Kung and Booche enjoy pointing out).

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As far as that Dickens Venue, you guys played great on Friday. I am also sure that there are bands at the Dickens almost every night these days. You guys played great, i am sure they would take you back anytime. In Burlington the word has to spread before you will be a bigger crowd. If you became regular i am sure you pack the house.

Hey, BAJ

Are you promoting bands yet?

Heard you were.

Good Luck!

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