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Trey digs Arcade Fire


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Other new artists?

This is going to sound like I am jumping on some kind of bandwagon, but I really like The Arcade Fire. I just saw them at Summer Stage about a week ago, and Bowie came out and sang with them. That was a great concert. First band I’ve heard in a while that to me…a lot of people say Talking Heads, but I am hearing more My Bloody Valentine at one end and Phil Spector’s wall of sound. Because they have got that ’50s big-chorus thing happening, but the chord progressions are more modern. And they did some cool stuff. It was super joyous and inclusive of the audience. Everyone was singing along because the choruses are catchy, but then they would change the bass lines. They were very unique.

It's from this interview.

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and this

If you have these musical moments that are genuine and spontaneous, then you get that feeling, and that is the feeling that everyone wants to get. Like Arcade Fire, they have one album out, and there is a sense of discovery to their music, right? And I could see all these people from the music industry in New York there and they are trying to get a piece of this thing. It is so powerful, that feeling. The band does not even quite know what is going on. They do, but they are jumping around, because it’s new. So, if you want to continue to have that feeling, you have to be really careful. When you discover it, you feel suddenly plugged into that socket, you have to be willing to go into a situation where it is only going to happen again in a way that you couldn’t have predicted. So you have to keep moving forward and taking chances.

“He not busy being born is busy dying.†It is of the utmost importance to me, without being self-indulgent. The ultimate goal is to try to be inclusive. You want people to go with you. I want to.

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