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Bouche and Magnum: Face 2 Face


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[color:blue]I was at the Gypsy Co-Op on Friday to take in the Blue Quarter/Chameleon Project show. What a night, cool music and great vibes.

Midway through the evening I was saddled up to the bar trying to put my macho stud game on one of these fine jam band hunnies, when all of a sudden this tall dark haired, bearded dude approaches me. At first I was pissed that he had inadventantly and potentially cock-blocked me (no one does that to the magnum!). However, he then indroduced himself as Mike Bouchard and all was resolved! I immediately realized it was Bouche the operator of this fine message board.

We talked, laughed and drank and had a good ol' time. I regailed him with stories of my crime bustin', surf skiing and hottie mackin' in Hawaii and he told me of his adventures running Jambands.ca and being Bouche in the Ottawa/Hull area.

I was totally won over when I exposed my intimidating and massive hairy coiffed chest..(to test him). Bouche didn't even flinch. It was then I gained respect! I think it was Bouche's well manicured beard that gave him strength and power to endure my manly chest display.

Nice to meet you Bouche..next time we'll have to head over to the Robin's nest. Maybe we can convince TC to take us for a ride to the islands.


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