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Bubba and the AOG @ Dominion on Queen; Sat. Nov. 5th


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W&E Records and iNNERACTIVE Music presents Bubba and the Agents of Groove with special guest vocalist Micheline Carone at the Dominion on Queen (500 Queen St. East, Toronto, ON) on Saturday, November 5th at 9pm.

Bubba and the Agents of Groove bring to you some of the best acid jazz and groove in Toronto. The music is hot, the musicians are on fire, and the vibe is cool and chilled. Add in the smooth, and sweet sounds of Micheline Carone (Vibe Records) and you have what could be the best jazz show of the year in Toronto.

Bubba and the Agents of Groove features Ashley Wey (Parachute Club, Jim Heinemen Trio) on keyboards, Philippe Marsan (Jumbie, Warriors 4 Peace) on the drums, Mark MacDonald (top-5 finalist in the 2004 North American Guitar Competition)on guitar and The Bubba (Sam Moore, Osee Anderson, Eclectic Soul) on the bass.

The music is hot, the vibe is happening and the people are happy.

Good times will be had.

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