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I will agree with hamilton and kaidy may's sentiments that I'm a dolt.

Last time I went on the bus I was under the assumption that all a 2 week in advance purchase would get you is a $50 discount...get to the station last night with my bags and I find out that unless I book a week in advance I have to pay an extra $200.

so I'm not about to pay salaries for convenience's sake and I'm still in eastern Ontario. I plan on leaving NEXT wednesday.

everybody point and laugh.

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I know it is more expensive to fly, but I can't help but value my sanity above a few hundred extra bucks...

I've driven coast to coast a few times. That hurts.

Ottawa to Toronto is about as far as I'll ever take a bus and even that is a stretch.

Take that $200 from Greyhound and the money you'd make (assuming you have a job waiting for you) during the week you're contemplating blowing off, get on a plane and do yourself a favour...

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^^^ What he said!!

You were even thinking of taking the BUS to Vancouver?!?!

There are one way fares available from Air Canada, every day next week for 199.00 plus tax. Not only do you not have to wait a week, but you get to save yourself from spending the following week in a bus.. the no brainer of no brainers!!

also, the 2 weeks pay you'll make at your job should more than cover the extra 100 bucks, no??

to each their own, but man....

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