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Daniel Lanois w/ Tortoise in Chicago


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So while visiting my family for Thanksgiving in Chicago I happend to catch Daniel and Tortoise at Park West in North Chicago. Firstly, I'd like to say that if you ever get a chance to see a show at Park WEst, DO IT! The venue is incredible, table service, great acoustics and an incredible layout...but this show...WOW. Tortoise opened up for Dan, and then were his backing band. This was a hometown show for both Tortoise and myself so it was quite a treatr and ;let me tell you, what a combo! he was conducting them all night, letting all the his amazing creative juices flow so to speak. Please check this out as soon as you can, you won't be sorry...and if you listen cloesly you can hear yours truly requesting "rocky World" and getting the request...truly delicious

Daniel Lanois and Tortoise

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Hey fluffhead 77 would you be interested in a trade for this show? I can't use BT anymore (ISP issues) and would love to get this one.I have a pretty good Lanois collection (around 25 shows) available for trade.

Currently it appears Phishhook is expirencing server issues (once again..argh) so my list can't be accessed.I'll post the link anyway in case its just me expirencing this or if it comes back up.


[edit to add]

appears Phishhook is going be down for quite some time (argh),I try & make a list of what I have have,although I may not have the setlists.

I'd be interested in getting the FLACs but audio is cool also.


ps. This show is up on bt.etree also:

Daniel Lanois & Tortoise

October 11, 2005

Barrymore Theatre - Madison, Wisconsin USA


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Oh yeah...thanks for bumping this.Appears phishhook is back up & my list is intact!

Heres the Lanois I have:


[edit to add]

I also have three shows with Emmylou


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