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Amos Lee


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I've seen him, and the guy is fantastic!

He opened up for John Prine the last time I saw him play:

...the night began with a great opening act. Amos Lee is an incredibly talented, young acoustic guitarist / singer / songwriter, from Philadelphia, who had the crowd warmed up (boiling over!) after a half-hour mini-set. The crowd dug him so much, and kept cheering so long when he was done, that he came out and did an encore, which in my experience is very rare for opening acts. I bought his debut CD on the way out. If you get a chance to see this guy, do it; or at least check out his tunes at www.amoslee.com.

Amos Lee's own performance was captivating, and he later came out and did a great encore with John at the end. I do continue to listen to his disc pretty regularly; too.

I dig this guy; for sure!

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I saw Amos Lee open for Bob Dylan twice earlier in the spring of this year.

I enjoyed Lee both times, but I even enjoyed him more the second.

At the second gig I remember Lee performed one of my all time favorite tunes, Sam Cooke's "A Change is Gonna Come" and he nailed it.

He has such a passionate and soulful voice, I look forward to see what he does next.


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