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New Dylan song - Tell Ol' Bill


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Apparently recorded over the summer & only on the soundtrack to the movie North Country.

Heres the complete 5:03 of the song.I created a yousendit file (limit 25 downloads) so if it gets exhausted I'll re-post another link sunday afternoon for those interested.

download 'Tell ol' Bill' here

*not the same as the traditional folk song of the same name

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I think Bob Dylan's rendition of "Tell Ol' Bill" is pretty good. Unfortunately he will not likely to be performing it live on this up coming Europeon tour, as Dylan hasn't performed the last couple of tunes he did for soundtracks.

"'Cross the Green Mountain" for 'Gods and Generals' and "Waiting for You" from 'Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.'

I especially love of all three of these songs "'Cross the Green Mountain." It should go down as a great song in the greatest canon of songs ever written by the one and only Dylan. Yet he has yet to ever perform it live.

In 2002 and 2003 I was so excited to hear Dylan play "'Cross the Green Mountain" like he played "Things Have Changed" from 'Wonderboys' yet it never happened.


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I think Bob Dylan's rendition of "Tell Ol' Bill" is pretty good.

Hey Tim,this isn't the same version of an older song apparently,according to the folks at his website.Am I being mislead here then?

I've compared lyrics with two other versions and they are not alike & its credited as his on the soundtrack (where I got the track here to post).

This seems to be a issue over at the sillines called Dylan Pool also,loads of folks arguing over whether its new or not.

I can't find any other recording info other then he recorded it over the summer.

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Alright, I did find more info on this,always count on SFG to get the details:

R-0649 Tell Ol' Bill - previously unreleased song, recorded mid-2005

Thanks to Tim Dunn for the information that the song is credited to "Bob Dylan" - Michael Mets tells me it is not the same as the traditional song, although we've never heard Bob's version.

This was first reported as being the uncirculating out-take from Self Portrait recorded at Columbia Studios, New York, 4 Mar 1970. Clinton Heylin lists it as "Tell Old Bill", while Michael Krogsgaard lists it as "This Evening So Soon" as written on the studio session recording sheet. However, it is in fact a new recording, made earlier this year with musicians including Elana Fremerman on violin.

The album also includes Lay, Lady, Lay from Nashville Skyline, Do Right To Me Baby (Do Unto Others) from Slow Train Coming, and Sweetheart Like You from Infidels. There are also covers of Girl From The North Country by Leo Kottke and Paths Of Victory by Cat Power. Paul S. Levine thinks that Lay, Lady, Lay and Sweetheart Like You are remixes, so I'll check this when I receive the album.

Thanks to David Plentus, Ole Lien, Gino Galvez and Gil Walker for information about this release.


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