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Wassabi Collective w/sneakers this thursday!!

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Originally posted by FreekerByTheSpeaker:

Got my Wassabi shoes on for sure, been waiting almost a year to see these guys again. I can't believe how big Wassabi has gotten, they totally deserve it. Tonight should be off the hook, I'm stoked to see Sneakers, can't remember the last time I made it out for the opening band, ever since BGH assualt me with that Meatstick rip off "Oven Cake" I swore I'd never go out early again!

see y'all tonight!

That's why you (and your djembe) have never made Jammer Tuesdaze! We start too early! (But, for reference, we usually finish around 1am.) (And for further reference, we had two djembes out this week, along with a steel drum player.)

I'll tell Aljee next week that we should stand around doing nothing until at least 11:30pm, then start as if we were a headlining band, and then maybe, just maybe, FreekerByTheSpeaker will show up... [Razz]



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