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Over the next few days I'll be posting some selections from Friday's Folk Alarm show in Guelph.

Such an incredible and intimate venue. It was held at Folkway Music , an unbelievable store that had so many vintage acoustic instruments hanging on the walls...I'm talkin' Martins, Gibsons, Koas and everything else that a guitar player dreams and drools over in sleep and waking hours :P

During the "sound check", the group would play guitar-friendly notes and chords and cut them short quickly and all of the instruments would resonate in the respective notes...so fuggin' cool!!! :o

The room made for an incredible setting and was about as intimate as you could get except for sitting in the laps of the band which some people wanted to do ;)

I posted a brand new tune by Kevin last week that he played with The Sisters Euclid and Folk Alarm did their rendition of it on Friday totally unrehearsed and again just left everyone, myself included, with their mouths opens and swept away.

I've put the new tune up for those of you looking to mellow out on a crisp fall Sunday evening and I've got another gem for tomorrow ;)

Follow the link, scroll to the bottom, click on the picture of The Sisters and enjoy... :)

Very Breit Daughters

Folk Alarm @ Folkway Music


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