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Cruise ship attacked by Pirates!!

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somehow pirates in speedboats don't excite me how pirates did back in the days of eric the red..

That's very interesting seeing how Eric the Red was a viking explorer who discovered Greenland in 986 AD and Pirates as we know them (peglegs, hooks and parrots) didn't come on the scene until approximately 500 years later.

Read a book.

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like the new pic btw.

there are always lots of pirate attacks in SE asia, esp. off the coast of borneo/indonesia where i went diving. rich tourists on dive boats to be robbed! i dunno, not like i had any valuables on me on the dive boat! weird. fortunately we never got attacked by pirates in speedboats. but i agree, if i'm gonna be attacked by pirates, it's gotta be caribbean style patch-eyed dudes.


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