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Great show Jan. 17 at U of Waterloo!

mark tonin

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Friday January 17, 2003

University of Waterloo (The Bombshelter)

doors at 8 p.m.

Diesel Dog at 9 p.m.

Fat Cats at 10:30 p.m.

Grand Theft Bus at midnight

visuals by Jazzy Jeff

everyone 19+ is welcome

(bring your id and sign yourself in)

$5 U of W students / $7 others


I hope that a lot of you and your friends and your friends' friends can make it to this event. I'm really excited about this show, and about what could come next if (when!) it goes well.

Diesel Dog … very underrated, in my opinion … these guys know how to lay down groovy songs, both covers and originals, that make you feel good and want to dance. And I'm really looking forward to hearing the band with J. Jonas Berkeley wailing on sax and/or flute.

The Fat Cats … what can I say … one of my all-time favourite bands. And if you haven't heard the Fatties in the last few months, you are in for a treat. They are sounding very tight and inspired these days.

Grand Theft Bus … this band is developing quite a reputation in Ontario and are HUGE on the East Coast. Their debut cd, Birth of Confusion, is still getting lots of play in my cd player, and live, this band provides an awesome mix of fantastic songs, danceable jams, and improvisational wizardry.

Jazzy Jeff Farrow, known for his lighting ingenuity, will also be there to provide us with some additional visual stimulation. He is the guy who did the lighting for the Burt Neilson Band show in Toronto at the Church, and more recently the lighting at the New Deal show that just happened on new year's eve in Toronto.

Come to this show to have a great time and to show the University of Waterloo what we're about. A successful show on Friday January 17 will most likely mean another show at U of W in the future … and very possibly something that is even more ambitious.

Wishing you a great 2003, one filled with love, happiness, and butt shaking mind bending body shivering live music!!!

Peace, Mark Tonin

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ECHO Magazine, our local weekly alternative arts and entertainment magazine, is giving away free tickets to the U of W show on Jan. 17. Follow this link to get to the online magazine

EHCO Magazine online edition

and then scoll down the page to enter the contest.

When you send the email put "I love live music" in the subject line. Rumour has it that if you actually write a message along with your email you have a more likely chance of winning [Wink]

As well, scroll down even further to check out the magazine's top live concerts in 2002, as you may have been at one or two of them [Cool]

Peace, Mark

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You can also purchase tickets to this show in advance at The Beat Goes On locations (in Waterloo and Kitchener only), and at the University Fed Office.

If you are coming from out-of-town and want advance tickets, email me at marktonin@jambands.ca and we'll try to work something out.

Peace, Mark

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Yea, I'll probally drag my self out for this one...


Grand Theft Bus … this band is developing quite a reputation in Ontario and are HUGE on the East Coast.

Sorry Mark but thats an underated statement,huge aint the word [Wink] and as for up here wow I cant belive it.But yea, people should really check these dudes out,they smoke.I love em.

Disel Dog.....well what can I say,I cant freakin wait.


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Anybody heading into this show from Hamilton, with room for one, maybe two? I'd love to get in on it. Definitely looking for a ride with someone *not* planning on getting totally hammered/really-stoned/inebriated etc. for obvious reasons. That just stresses me out.

If you can help me out please give me a shout: northerntube@hotmail.com



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A few people have been asking about directions to the venue so here goes:

From the 401 take Highway 8 West to Kitchener

exit from Highway 8 onto the Conestoga Parkway (Highway 86) to Waterloo

exit at University Avenue WEST (which is the second University Avenue exit)

You will eventually pass Wilfrid Laurier on your left, and then the University of Waterloo is on your right.

The Bombshelter is in The Student Life Center. Turn right into the main entrance of the University (Seagram Street), then turn left onto the ring road that circles the university and you will eventually see the Student Life Center on your right - it is well marked.

If you want a close, and I think free parking place, don't turn into the main university entrance. Instead, stay on University Avenue until you hit Westmount (which is the next set of lights), turn right onto Westmount, and then turn right into St. Jerome's University and park in the farthest parking lot possible. Look for a foot bridge, cross the bridge, and look for the Student Life Center road sign, which should be visible when you get across the bridge.

If you get lost ... ask for help [big Grin]

Hope to see lots of you there. It really is shaping up to be a fabulous event.

Peace, Mark

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In response to MarcO's warning, I think that until the law officially changes regarding marijuana possession, a person is at risk of being hassled and even charged if they get caught smoking marijuana in any public place.

I'm not sure if the risk is any greater on a university campus than anywhere else ... the last time I was at a Phish concert in Toronto I watched someone get arrested for rolling a joint on the hood of their car. It was a huge drag to watch it, and I think part of the reason that the officers followed through with the arrest was that they were in a public place, with a bunch of eyes on them ... if they hadn't arrested, what would have happened.

Don't get me wrong, I think it is ridiculous that the possession of marijuana is still a criminal offence, but it is. Until the law changes, individual law enforcement officials will choose to deal with the matter as they see fit, which means that some officials will want charges laid.

Fortunately, recent court decisions are putting even more pressure on the government to change the law (and hopefully decriminalize) the possession of marijuana. Calls and/or letters to our MP's would help to put even more pressure on the government to do what they've been saying they are going to do.

Peace, Mark

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