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Green Party supporters in Toronto


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i am a volunteer on the sign crew (with assistance from YearsAlongTheSea and ratcat)

is anyone interested in putting a [color:green]Green Party sign up on their lawn?

I just got in from putting a couple more up on the street over from mine and we are taking over!

There are more Green Party signs in this one block than any other party :)


go [color:green]JIM

go [color:green]GREENS

if you are interested PM me and i'll get one to you this weekend.

Despite tremendous public pressure, strong polling, and a full slate of candidates in the 2004 federal election, Green Party of Canada leader Jim Harris was excluded from the nationally-televised leaders’ debate. The Green Party was not even offered the opportunity to meet face-to-face with the broadcast consortium to state its case for inclusion.

The Green Party must be included in the 2005 debate.

go here to sign a petition to show you support the Greens being included in future debates.


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Green Party Fundraising Concert Thursday Dec 22

Please join Folk songwriter and recording artist Brian Gladstone

and a host of other roots musicians, as well as Green Party supporters

from Beaches East York and Toronto Danforth ridings, in a fundraising

concert at:

Renaissance Cafe (1938 Danforth Ave., 1 block west of Woodbine)

Thursday December 22 beginning at 8:00pm.

Performers will include Brian himself, who has hosted weekly concert

nights at the Renaissance for 15 months, as well as co-host David

Newland, Christine Donovan, Damon Hines, David McLachlan, D Lafortune

Brown, Norman Cristofoli, Marianne Girard, Honey Novick, Laura Ranieri,

Linda Saslove, Sean Peever, Steve Raiken, Martin Gladstone, Uncle Seth,

and many more.

Admission is a donation to the local Green Party campaigns. Suggested

donation: $10 and up. Donations of $25 and over will be tax-receipted

which means you will get a tax credit of up to 75% of your donation

when you file your return. So a $40 donation will only cost you $10!

This money is critical to our running successful campaigns in Beaches

East York and Toronto Danforth, and to getting our green message out

to local voters.

The Renaissance Cafe offers gourmet coffees as well as an extensive

list of microbrewery draughts.

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