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Stars Setlist - 12/15/05 - Lee's Palace


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Well I just returned home from Toronto for the first of six Stars shows at Lee's Palace. For those of you who have tickets to anyone of the upcoming shows, you are in for a treat! What a show tonight! They were on fire. The mood was sweet and the music was awesome. I managed to swipe a setlist off the stage after the show. So here is Thursday Night's Setlist, just to give you a taste of what you are in for.


Lee's Palace

Toronto, ON


Going Going Gone

Set Yourself On Fire



The Woods

Sleep Tonight

Trying To Say

Soft Revolution

One More Night

Ageless Beauty


Big Fight





First Five Times

Calender Girl

Fairy Tale*

*cover by The Pogues

***Highlights for me were Elevator, One More Night, Trying To Say, and Calender Girl....but the whole show was amazing! Have fun at the upcoming shows!

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One More Night was incredible. I'm not sure if they always play with this line up but there were 8 members on stage. The 4 key members plus drummer, with an additional guitar player. But what really rounded out their sound was the sax player and the violinist. Plus the vocal combination of Amy and Torquil was awesome live. I wish I could be there tonight.

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