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Spider Experiment


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so, let me get this straight, NASA scientists have NOTHING better to do with their time, and taxpayer dollars, but to dose little spiders and watch the craptacular webs they build?

come onnnnnnnnn see this is why i moved back to canada. it makes more sense, well, most of the time

id like to see a psilcybin/psilocin spiders web

maybe a nitrous web too.

fuck man i wish i had their job. how much of the "research drugs" went missing

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I might go that way, too, but, luckily, my job description doesn't include scurrying about on eight legs, eating bugs, and building webs that are only inches across.

Damn shame!

I've been thinking of animals I wouldn't mind being, though. I think housecat-with-outdoor-option would work out just fine for me.

I mean, after the spiders, of course ;).

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I don't know if I could pick a favourite... trap-door spiders are pretty cool, though.


If spiders could talk, I think this one would say something like "Leave me alone, you tosser."

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Found cool video clip
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