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techy gift I just got..awesome


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awesome for a laptop user anyway....

I just got the BEST gift!!!!!! My boss decided to raffle off all the gifts we got sent to our department (her technically so she gave away all her gifts very nice of her) anyway we picked numbers and I was sure to make my choice known anyway I ended up with the last pick but everyone chose something else.

It’s a techy gift from google…a little pack that includes.

A cordless/optical mouse, a usb disk drive or whatever you call it, only 128MB but STILL, a 4 port hub, a microphone/earphone combined, some usb thingy I think to save from cords dangling as it has two plugs one small for a device and one usb hook up which is wrapped bungee cord, some other thingy unknown to me yet, and a light that hooks into your laptop for say plane rides or whatnot…

Can't believe she gave up all her gifts...I also made off with a $25 gift cert. for m&m meats which I won't use as I don't buy there however my mom always does around the holidays for her get togethers so I will pass that along to her...

I love free stuff!!!

Happy Friday everyone!

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