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Irene's Open-Stage


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I've played Irene's open stage deal several times with my band "No Buds For Bob". It's always a good time. All performers get a chance to win a free pitcher!

Haven't been there in a couple of months but I'm sure it still goes on. Can't make it today but perhaps I'll see you there some Saturday in the new year. And yes, it starts at about 4.

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I'll have to bring my new mandolin that my gf got me for christmas and try it out :)


Thanks for the Wed. tip, Velvet [edit to change - er, I mean Traveler] - I'd given up on Weds. with Oasis going through it's changes; now there's another one to look forward to.

We really should coordinate some Skanky jam outing in the new year.

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An "er, I mean"
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The former evidently is well worth checking out, according to someone I talked with tonight; the latter, hm, beats me. Will investigate.

So yeah, Irene's jam: good! Not quite Gypsy-like home (he said nostalgically), but very kind folks with open ears and great chops. Looks like a reliable source of fun for the new year.

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