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Sisters Euclid X-Mas Show


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Trying to be a good little jambander here as I kinda goofed about not bumping the Rheos Whale Music show.

So here's a reminder for all that Monday, Dec. 19 @ The Orbit Room is the fantastic, superlicious, all-you-can-eat-musically Sisters Euclid X-Mas Show :o

This is always a through-the-roof night for great music and plenty'o'warmth and good times on the patio between sets ;)

I know bradm will be joining in the sardine-packed fun and hope to see/meet a few more of you folk as well :)

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Holy Sweet Jebus, quit yer "toyin'" and get yer arse out for an ass-spankin' night with The Sisters...bouche would happily kick your ass for not taking in a night, especially this one!!!

Bradm will be there and your pal Stoned Phillips plus a ton of other people...this is always a busy one for them...

I'd recommend getting there 9:30-ish if you're lookin' for a table 'cause it's gonna fill up quickly and it'll be standing room only for sure tonight :P

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