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Bush: Senate vote on Patriot Act 'irresponsible'


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[color:blue]Gee ... Bush is offended that his unconstitutional law, which was rushed into enactment without any real review by anyone, that gives him and his cronies unfettered discretion to treat people on US soil as though they're in a police state was not automatically renewed? I'm shocked!

What a loser.

Bush: Senate vote on Patriot Act 'irresponsible'

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush called the Senate's decision on the Patriot Act Friday "irresponsible," saying it "endangers the lives" of the citizenry.

Bush made the remarks in a live TV appearance on Saturday morning at the same time his weekly radio address -- which is normally taped -- is aired.

The Senate on Friday rejected efforts to renew expiring provisions of the Patriot Act, dealing a major blow to President Bush and the Republican leadership. (Watch Bush's entire address -- 7:51)

Senators on both sides of the aisle argued that some of the act's provisions infringe on civil rights. The bipartisan group proposed a three-month extension to continue debate and amend certain provisions.

Some of those lawmakers had threatened a filibuster to prevent the act from being renewed in its current form.

The Senate needed 60 votes to override a filibuster and end debate, which is called "invoking cloture." Cloture would have brought the Patriot Act to a vote, allowing the Senate to renew it by a simple majority.

But only 52 senators voted to cut off debate; 47 voted against cloture.


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