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TV Sucks


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Never become a fan of a show, you'll just get screwed around.

First one of the best characters on my favorite shows died this week, in the saddest way possible, John Spencer from the West Wing. Absolutley essential to the storyline, the show was already close to being done but this seals the deal i think. Booooo

And now an important charcter from Lost, well 2 characters, but Ana Lucia especially has been hit with her 4TH!! drunk driving offence since the show began, its only been on two season, put the bottle down Ana and get back to entertaining me on a weekly basis. She's looking at jail time so I guess expect to see her written out of the show. Boooooo



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:D :D :D :D :D!!!

God bless little Gazoo, weird little fella that he was :).

We just finished the last of those Rescue Mes that you lent us, and dammit, talk about sucking you into a bunch of characters. Now what the fuck. It's just all way too much like real life - stuff just keeps happening.

This is impossibly correlated to real life, of course, and the fact that real people, one of whom was the point of this thread, had something to do with anything else. RIP M. Spencer, whom I always liked in anything I saw him in.

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West Wing fans got screwed the moment Sorkin left the show.

Definitely sad to see life imitate art with regards to Leo / Spencer. It'll be interesting to see how the election plays out now. They're still casting for episode 14 of a 22-episode season. Probably lots of references. Although now that he was gonna pseudo-take over the campaign from Josh he was becoming more central to the plot.

Anyways. It will get sorted out. Big loss, he was a fine actor


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