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An Acoustic Evening - This Thursday at Elixir!


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This Thursday, December 22 at Elixir, it's An Acoustic Evening with

- Kyra & Tully

- The Lady Racers

- Derek Downham

- Erick Turnbull

Cover is $6 at the door or in advance at www.rockcrew.ca

Kyra and Tully have been a long time coming. Like a beacon of love guiding us through a troubled world, Kyra and Tully's music is set to inspire the next generation of bright-eyed lovers. Their music provides a lifeline to the tradition of the duo superstars of the 60s and 70s. Sprouting new melodies in the trail blazed by those real-life couple predecessors, Kyra and Tully are not themselves new to the world of music. Fixtures on the Kingston music scene, they have been doing their thing locally on their own terms, regularly jamming and performing with some of Kingston's best-known homegrown talent. Kyra and Tully have shared the stage with artists such as Ember Swift, Gentleman Reg and Mia Sheard. Hardly believable considering their long career, their self-titled six song EP is their first attempt at sharing their music with a larger audience. Produced and mixed by Night Sun's Chris Coleman at the beautiful Leopard Frog Studio and mastered by Marty Kinack (Broken Social Scene, Sarah Harmer), the record bubbles with elements of pop, folk, and chamber music that come together to create a rich and beautiful sound. And their relaxed, confident stage show makes for sweet pleasure all around. It's no surprise then that for Kyra and Tully, their time has come.

The Lady Racers - Christina Foster, Lia Dawson and Anna Robertson are a trio of talented young women from Kingston. All under 21 and performing all-original music (with one or two covers thrown in on occasion), they possess voices and stage presence beyond their years.

Formed in spring of 2003, they have since played at Blue Skies Music Festival and shared the stage with David Francey and others. Accompanied by one acoustic guitar, which they take turns playing, these young women share a passion for singing and songwriting that shines through and illuminates their thoughtful, sometimes melancholy, and always beautiful harmonies. Their self-titled, eight song album is the Racers’ first recording.

Derek Downham is a multi-instrumentalist from Toronto. He is an accomplished drummer/producer/guitarist/pianist and possesses a voice with both power and dexterity.

For several years, Derek fronted the Kensigton Market based group GRINDIG. With them, he earned nationwide critical success, plus Much Music and radio airplay from their self titled debut, GRINDIG (Shoreline/EMI). In 2002, they were voted "Best Independent Band In Canada" by Canadian Music Week.

Now, Derek has decided to utilize all of his musical talents, playing drums for THE HUGH DILLON REDEMPTION CHOIR (featuring the ex-Headstones frontman Hugh Dillon). The band's debut album was produced by Tragically Hip guitarist Paul Langlois and mixed by Adam Kaspar (Foo Fighters, Queens Of The Stone Age). With this combination, Derek's classic drumming is captured in full form.

Derek sits in with many of Toronto's finest bands and artists, such as By Divine Right, Blair Packham, The New Kings, Micheal O'Grady and many more.

He is also producing and writing for many up and coming acts. Not to mention, he is an accomplished session guitarist, performing on the upcoming Graph Nobel (Columbia) record, among others. He has also written commercials for McDonald's and Mr.Greek.

This year Derek has toured with Holy Fuck, hip-hop legend Beans and The Hugh Dillon Redemption Choir.

With every show, Derek gives his entire heart and soul. You can tell from the lake of sweat underneath him after each performance. Derek jumps at the opportunity to play live, and performed over 300 shows last year alone!

The enormous, inspired passion within his own music - and his ability to make others sound pristine - is a gift that very few possess. Once you experience him live, you will understand.

Erick Turnbull is widely considered one of the best acoustic guitar players in eastern Ontario. His live show features incredible guitar work and bizarre comedy, always leaving audiences astonished and begging for more.





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