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NYE Dec.31st: Breakfest@The Elmocambo feat. The Chameleon Project


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[color:brown]Magnum here...I'm posting this show for my bitch ass sometimes friend The Chameleon, even though he smoked all the weed he was supposed to sell for me, and we had a little tiff on the board.

I decided to help him out anyway, as his computers is on the firtz. After all it's X-mas and 'tis the season for forgiveness and hot ladies, and ballhugging shorts. So here's his post.

Maybe all the bloof is rushing to my head after being cut off from my lower half due to my sexy yet constricting dress. I'll have to bear it though....It's all about being a sexy slueth..





Saturday, Deceber 31st, 2005

[color:green]the Chameleon Project

alongside some of the city's finest breakbeat DJs.

The DJ's for the night are:

* The Electrician

* TheDirtBikeKid

* Kid Funky J

* Phat Trick

* Rafunk

+Morbio (5 man comedy crew)

This night will take place on the 2nd floor of the Elmo. (464 spadina Ave.)

Cover will be $10 all night

Chameleon Project plays from 12midnight 'til 1:30am.

The Chameleon Project will be perfoming a special improvised breaks set!


Music samples: http://www.chameleonproject.com/music/Drum%20&%20Bass%20Jam%20-%20LIVE%20-%20Chameleon%20Project.mp3


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* The Electrician (breaks)

* J-Tec (hiphop,funk)

* TheDirtBikeKid (funky breaks)

* Kid Funky J (funky breaks, hiphop, funk-soul-jazz house)

* Rafunk (RaFunk-funk-jazz-soul-breaks-hiphop-dnb and a touch of disco and raregrooves)

that reads like an autistic Rainman esque-dub-jazz-hip-hop-breaks-disco-breaks-soul-neo-breaks-soul-funk-rock-break-jazz-grooves-rock-breaks-garbage-kitchensink-breaks-funky- jam.

Let's see....I think that covers any potential music that migt be played. whew. At least now I know what to expect....wait I'm confused, is that the guy who does theat really cool- funky-breaks-rare-groove-neo-sould thing, or the guy who does the live-breaks-jazz-soul-funky-rare-grooves-breaks thing?

shit I always get them mixed up....

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That's right Smoothedshredder. Downstairs that night is Paul Randolph, kickin' out the Detroit techno-Funk. And the only thing funkier than that, is Magnum's hi-cut nuthuggers after running the Ironman. So you know my sexy mustashed ass will be there! :o

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Yah baby that's my walkie talkie...you know it. The chicks dig that I'm a connected playa'!

That's my angle I keep the pressure on the fine ones. I'm all like.."look if you not down with the Magnum then I got others fine females who is. In fact I got them on this here walkie! No need to connect I just transmit for that booty!" That's how we P.I.s do!


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