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Need new heady wheels?


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Hey guys

Dave and I really enjoyed this car. Its not bad on gas but so spacious and awesome for touring and camping. We passed it on to my dad for commuting and leased a new car because of the babe. My dad doesn't need it after all so I'd like to help him sell it. He's done quite a bit of work on it in the last year. Its located in Burlington, ON.

Comes fully equipped with nero and moe stickers on the rear bumper!

1992 VW Passat Wagon

16 Valve, DOHC, Air Conditioning, Automatic, New Alternator, New Rear Exhaust Section, New Battery, 1 New Tire, Emission Tested, 216000km

Asking $2200 (very much OBO)

Dad's name is Brian (905) 336-5643

Bonus: If you call/stop by over the next week you'll get to meet Aslan!

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However... to add onto Pablo's post (we're on opposite ends of the province right now)

...the car's being sold 'as is' hence the low price. I had the same question cyberhippie, my dad said that he's had a lot of work done on it, as we did. He cant think of anything else that needs to be done, he's between jobs right now and focusing on his Real Estate courses and doesn't need it so he just wants it gone. He'd rather take $2200obo than have to spend time certifying etc.

Its a great car. It would be a shame to see those stickers go to waste on unappreciative folks. ;)

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[color:green]Will you take 700....

Doesn't matter how much $ you put into the car.

KM's tell the life of the car.

I got a 87 VW Cabriolet..mint condition, started driving it and the fuckin thing just kept breaking down on me.

I got a new transmission, fuel pump, head gasket, water pump, stereo, battery, tires, brakes, gas tank, fuel pump, fuel lines, alternator, starter, wiper motor, door/trunk handles, locks, and tons of other things I can't think of right at the moment.

I paid $3000 for the car and put $10,000 of parts into it in two years. I sold it for $1200 cause thats the highest offer I could get for it.

So thats why I will only offer $700 for it cause VWs are ment to break down and cost you $.

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sounds like you got a lemon buffy.

I bought a jetta that had no oil in it and i wasn't aloud to start it before i bought it. The thing started on the first crank with no oil in it and we rocked it for a year before we had to upgrade, I still see the thing buzzing around town.

I'd buy another VW in a second if I could afford it.

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buffy, sometimes you just buy lemons.

i bought a 95 Chevy Lumina three years ago.

In three years i have put in a:

Rebuilt Engine

New Tranny




4 new tires

Exhaust Manifold

gas tank

Air Condensor

Water Pump

Dont even want to consider what that all cost...but i bet pretty close to the 6 grand i paid for the vehicle initially.

Cars/Trucks Suck.

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On a somewhat unrelated note, I got four VW factory hubcaps for Christmas. The last ones I bought were knock-offs and rusted in less than a year. These are the ones still studied by scientists because they seem impervious to rust even after 30 years at times.

This is me smiling! It's going to be a great summer for Jazzy!

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Didn't even notice this thread was still alive!


A belated reply - no, cant take 700. Thanks for the offer though. I'll contact you if we get desperate ;)

Bet you $1500 would get you the car.

This car is no lemon. Its got a few good touring years on it yet.

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