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Hangover Discussion Time Again?


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Always something to think about coming into the next week and a bit.

No Evidence Hangover Cures Work, Review Concludes

Of course they give the old line about drinking in moderation, but screw that. The best advice comes at the end:

Bartender Chris McPhee in Edmonton also tells patrons to rest up, but adds: "Mix up a nice, spicy caeaser. It will level you out for the day."

A caesar wasn't among the items considered in the study. The authors said an effective treatment isn't likely until the pathology of hangovers is understood in more detail.

I want in on the next study where they do give caesars the attention they deserve.

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A hangover is like the common cold: there is usually (but not necessarily ;) ) something you could have done differently to prevent it, and you can't cure it. You just have to ride it out and make the ride as relatively comfortable as possible. Plenty of rest, plenty of water, plenty to eat, and plenty of Immodium or Gravol.

The worst part of a hangover? Getting up in the morning and seeing your car parked in the driveway with no idea how it go there. Plan ahead. Be happy, be safe.

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