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QOTS: What'd ya get for Christmas?


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The Question of the Season is:

What'd you get for Christmas?

I ended up with Gordon Lightfoot's Songbook box set collection, four new hub caps for my VW van, a really nice bottle of scotch (Laguvulin Cast-Strength), a fishing rod (Ugly Stick) in a sweet case (I'm looking for lessons s'tube), a tackle box filled with my long forgotten tackle from my youth (dad came across it in a closet), an antique looking phone to fit my house, a cool model of an old VW van (like Kelso's on that 70's show - what is that a 23-window or something like that?), some clothes, a couple bottles of nice wine, and a extension of my Nation Geographic subsccription. What a fantastic year! I can't wait to load Gord onto my iPod and head out with my new fishing tackle at the trailer this summer. Yee-haw!

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love,love,love...hahaha :):P :blush: :o:);):)

no kidding? Me, too! Including a great book of scintillating, titillating short stories: "The Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica"

I also got 2 deliriously happy kids and a disastrously messy house! :P

And finally, our big family gift has also given us lots of howls & hoots already: an Air Hockey Table!!!

hope everyone had a wonderful day. See lots of you skanks on NYE!!!

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The best gift of all was not having to drive anywhere. Thanks Booche, Douglas and HeadyMamaMyrna for breaking tradition and spending Christmas at our house. I wish you stayed another day at least.

My favorite gifts over the holidays were two beautiful plants from my Bouchey. One's a yucca that must be about 20 years old. It's stunning. The other is a Chinese fan plant. My gawd it's lovely. I also had fun spending $50 with my itunes gift certificate and picked up 7 books with another gift certificate.

Myrna gave me a comfy robe, pajamas and slippers (I think she knows me ;) ).

And Bouche and Douglas gave me (among other things) a great breakfast and a DVD, Ben Harper with Blind Boys of Alabama. It's wicked.

Merry Christmas everyone. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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bouche and douglas????

I feel that I got spoiled at xmas. One of the most interesting and enjoyable things that I wouldn't have ever asked for but I am going to love is one of the Sirius satellite radio kit. unfortunately we couldn't listen to JamON right away as it was meant for the car. Boxing day we picked up the supplies needed to hook it up into the house as well. It'll be wonderful to always have great music at the push of a button....anywhere!

I'm still chuckling away at the fact that I was gifted a copy of The Grateful Dead Movie that I got last year. Actually, last year was interesting becuase I picked up a copy of Phish IT for sharon, and then booche/douglas had got it for me. So after talking with 'em, I went out to HMV and exchanged IT for the Grateful Dead Movie. So I think now this one is getting exchanged for Truckin' up to Buffalo or whatever else me be out there.

Damn it was nice not to be on the roads during the Xmas days.

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Wow did I have the best Christmas ever!

I got really really so spoiled this year.I got too much to mention here and you guys know what the best gift was!I can't thank you enough.

I loved everything we did.

The best for me was not cooking or cleaning!

Thanks guys for

the wonderful meals and a great Christmas dinner.

I am so happy I broke my tradition and it wasn't hard at all and will I do it again?I quess so.

The hot tub was so much fun.

The best part and one we must not forget was being together!

I wish everyone could enjoy Christmas like we did!

Happy New Year to everyone!!!!

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i got my dysfunctional family under one roof again, a cold, arrested development season 2, sim city 4, concert for bangladesh, big fish, a watch and a homemade quilt. christmas was low key but awesome... however short lived. it was great to see my family and friends come home from far and good to meet a few of you peeps on this board as well.

looking forward to NYE with keller and umphreys and fighting the SAD in 2006!

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me and mel got spoiled rotton!!!

shiitake mushroom grow log, nice thick oak log with shiitake spawn in it, im PUMPED to pick my own!!

both got heady snow shoes

assorted gift cert's, sweaters, shirts, new snowpants for snowshoeing!!! and a big ol' wad of cash from ma!!

got the tribute to jerry show from my buddy scotty, got the keller-umph set and a JGB SBD from sanislo!!


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