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Broken Social Scene Hypersingles


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I've been pouring over the BSS board lately and came across a few posts by a guy using the handle Socrates that turns out is Dave Newfeld. He dished the dirt on an album of remixes and singles due out in likely a month.

I just finished up the Lover's Spit remix, it sounds pretty f**cking cool, definitely inner space age living room disco. It was cool revisiting tracks from YFIP, the drum beat and bassline in Star and Sons rules and works perfect with the vocal off Lover's Spit. Plus, this Rotating (Waiting on Hold) song, I'm telling you, that is truly a great tune and it's a rather nicely lengthy14 minutes. Ask the dj for this one at a bar when it's 2:05am and they say, OK just one more song for the evening. I'm currently lobbying the guys to put all this stuff on a Hypersingle (CD and LP) called 7/4/U where 7/4 is the single and Rotating, Deathcock, Lover's Spit remix, Til it's Dead, Hotel (extended) and New Country are all in one package (plus It's Time as an unmarked bonus track)

Oh yeah, while I'm at it, the K-OS remix that Ryan (TMSR) and I did has been really well received by EMI, I don't know if K-OS has heard it, but I think he'll like it cause it's a radical departure from his original version yet totally compatible. We originally went for a jazz band feel but ended up with something more akin to inner space age living room disco.

Here's an update. Hotel extended possibly isn't going on the record. Brendan just came over and heard the Lover's Spit remix and gave it two thumbs up, plus he just laid down a nice piano based piece idea, a sort of ode to Dionne Warwick and Richard Hawley spirit which will divide up the album nicely, a little breather, we'll add a few touches to it and it'll be nice. (I really dig that Coles Corner by Richard Hawley.) We listened to "It's Time' aka Doin' the '95 and decided it was a bit too extreme/over the top for this release. So, here's the working tracklisting in the order I'm pushing for:

7/4 (slightly shortened edit)

Lover's Spit on Stars and Sons

The Waiting Song (Rotating) (Brendan and I want it to be called 'the waiting song.)


Relaxing piano based piece in progress.

New Country (great version)

Our Faces Split the Coast remix (this will have Feist's vocals that aren't heard on the BSS/ST album. It'll be a blippy version, simple and short probably. And funky.)

Til it's Dead


(So, nine tunes in all and well over 40 minutes of good stuff. Hopefully it'll be out within a month. Things could change, but Kevin and Brendan are very in favour of this)

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