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Mark Wilson/Daniel Chalmers Affair/castingFadora - Dec 29


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Rock Crew Productions and Elixir Nightclub (14 Garrett Street),are very proud to present Mark Wilson, Daniel Chalmers Affair and castingFadora on Thursday, December 29. Doors open at 9 PM, this is a 19+ event. Tickets are $6 at the door, or in advance at www.rockcrew.ca

Formerly of The Roamers, Mark Wilson began a solo campaign this summer by recording his debut EP titled The Endless Elevator Tour. The album stars a wide range of backing musicians including cellist Erika Nielsen who recently performed with Kanye West.

Mark Wilson’s sound has been described as Dinosaur Jr.’s strumming with the alternative country vibe of Neil Young, topped off with very unique vocals.

After playing a couple open mics in Ottawa, a trendy night club called The Thirsty Scholar scooped up Mark to perform series of shows of every Saturday. As the series began, so did a following of weekly crowds of 200 plus.

Live shows range from an intimate solo performance with just an acoustic guitar and harmonica, to a full out backing band with percussion, bass, keys, and cellos.

The Daniel Chalmers Affair

Every now and then something extraordinary comes along.

This four-member alternative rock band hails from the Kingston, Ontario area. These young musicians bring previous band and a long list of gigging experience to their new endeavour, “The Daniel Chalmers Affairâ€. With a vision for the music that they wanted to create, they have pooled their artistic gifts to form a uniquely uplifting and refreshing sound in rock music.

The members of the band started their musical careers at tender ages of around 10 years old or earlier. The rhythm section have been playing night clubs and public functions since the age of fifteen and they are well known in the Kingston circuit by both their fans and colleagues. The band members have shared the stage with such artists as “Tom Cochraneâ€, “Project Orangeâ€, “Bedouin Soundclash†and more.

Individually, each band member stands out distinctively. Collectively, the band shines as an entity. As performers, their live shows are more then just good music. They are captivating. At shows, “The Daniel Chalmers Affair†is consistent when it comes to bringing out spontaneous enthusiasm from the crowd.

castingFadora was formed in early 2005 out of Kingston, Ontario. Anyways, here is how it all went down ... Chris and Will, who were formerly members of another band known as The Crofters, decided one day that they wanted to start a new project. Being that they were roommates it all just seemed like the right thing to do. All they needed now was find another member. Putting their thinking caps on they thought who better than Hal, who was one of Will's old high school buddies from back home in Cornwall, ON. It just so happened that Hal was also living in Kingston at the time and better yet, a wicked shredder on the axe as well! HA! After recruiting Hal, the three began jamming in Chris and Will's basement. Jamming in the dungeon didn't last long since they got three noise complaints in the first two practices and eventually got a 250$ fine from the coppers. About a month later, one of Hal's good buddies, a young chap by the name of Chris Evans, saved their respective asses. Evans knew that they were looking for a place to jam and he knew just the place. He asked his Dad if they could use his warehouse for rehearsal, and his Dad, being the nice guy that he is, said, "Yeah ... Why not?" cF jams there to this day. Since then castingFadora have developed an original sound and style that they can call their own.






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