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DAT tape conversion needed


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Hello all.

I may have posted about this back when i joined the forum but i can't remember.

I have this DAT tape from a show recorded at the Planet (which is gone now sadly) soon after I moved to halifax sometime in September 2003. My friend who recorded it did not have his own DAT deck, rather would rent one for the specific nights he recorded. He's sold all his gear and this tape has been in my possesion since then and i have no way of listening to it. I did manage to find a friend with a DAT player in halifax. He had the tape for a week but never got around to converting it for me. I took a listen and it sounds great, and the tracks are already split up on it.

Anyway, the band is Vorcza, (vorcza.com) they played to an almost empty house for this show...They're a 3 piece from Vermont and the organ player has been touring with Trey for a few years (Just saw him on that leno rerun and i was reminded of the DAT).

The band sounds very MMW-ish, lots of jazz...the heady crowd dances to it...uhh...the bassist and drummer are spectacular (the keys player is too, but common - he tours with trey)

I can send blanks and postage plus i have a small collection of shows i can throw in to make a more enticing deal. and ofcouse, you get this kick-ass show which was not recorded by anyone else.

Knibb High football rules!

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