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Todd Snelgrove born on this day 12/29/67


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Born in Toronto two minutes after his parents fourth anniversary near the close of his nation's centennial year, amateur life-artist Todd Snelgrove shares his birthday today with Ted Danson, Mary Tyler Moore and Marianne Faithfull.

Mr. Snelgrove had proclaimed the past year as "Coming Alive In 2005" and among his adventures he met Les Paul, almost died three times, and cycled across Newfoundland this year.

Todd grew up in New Brunswick and Toronto and now resides in Ottawa. He is unmarried and has no children whatsoever.

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To a guy who has given me so much, and been so much, in my (and others') presence, all I can say is: The Leafs suck. By which I mean, Velvet, I hope this day (and all other days) brings you joy, happiness, and as much in the way of mind-enhancing substances as you want and/or can handle.

Is there festivation planned? The Crowd is at The Rainbow for some R&B cover/fun, and Soul Jazz Orchestra is at Babylon for some soul/funk. I'd be up for getting down in either millieu.



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Hey Todd, happy birthday, man!

Hope hints of another bicycle tour come to pass. As I said, probably some tough pedalling for you, but some great reading for us. Be careful what you name this year though ;)

Mr. Snelgrove had proclaimed the past year as "Coming Alive In 2005" and.....almost died three times

Have a great day my friend!

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hey now! Happy super birthday Velveeta! I'm so happy to know you since you seem to know everything at such a young age and have no fears (that I know of). Your advice and will to do just about anything (except cook for yourself) is always sought after.

I'm sure every weekend is a long weekend for you, but you've got one this weekend to spend it with many people that are grateful and lucky to know you!

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i remember the first time i met you, a nero show in waterloo at wilf's. i had to ask several people wearing tie dye "are you velvet?" before i got the right person, heheh...

i'm very grateful for having gotten to know you better since moving to ottawa! life is never dull when you're around ;)

hope you have an awesome day. seeya soon! xo

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