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Slip NYE Run Opener Setlist


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some "rarely-played-these-days" gems (TEWCADYATM, 74), and some interesting enough notes from the show for me to post this for anyone interested..

12.28.05: Lupo's - Providence RI

Set 1: (102 min) T.E.W.D.A.C.Y.A.T.M., Even Rats, Rainmaker, Rise and Shine (Sleepyhead), Cowboy Up*, ?**, All I Saw Was You, If One of us Should Fall, Children of December***, Paper Birds

Encore: (33 min) I Hate Love****, Whisper Me off to Sleep, Seventy-Four*****, The Soft Machine

Notes: * w/ harmonica jam at the end. ** not sure of title, mostly instrumental rocker with some vox at the end but I couldn't pick out any lyrics. *** Brad broke a string and grabbed the "Alsoa" guitar (does anyone still call it that?) and got on top of the speakers while Marc played with his pedals for him. For a moment I swear I was watching the Who. **** w/ "Just a Friend" (Biz Markie) quotes from Andrew. ***** Brad on banjo, Marc on strat, Andrew on bass, bass drum and hi-hat. Apollo Sunshine opened.

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